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Postage Ink Cartridges

Totalpost is one of the only manufacturers and suppliers of high quality remanufactured and compatible postage ink cartridges and ribbons that meets and exceeds all the USPS and foreign postal service regulations.

X-Ray Security Screening

Our Total Threat Detection division can supply the latest in conveyer/tunnel and cabinet X-Ray threat detection equipment. This is coupled with a vast industry knowledge provided through our seasoned and highly professional engineering team.

Digital Forensic Screening – FLATSCAN

FLATSCAN is a unique and revolutionary X-ray system enabling coroners and medical examiners in the, identification of possible injuries suffered by an individual and, documentation of reports via high definition images.

Totalpost Services Inc.

An expert in Mailroom Consumables & X-Ray Security Screening.

About us

Totalpost Services Inc is part of the Totalpost Group.

Totalpost has grown worldwide and in the US through being involved in specialist mailroom products, becoming an international cartridge manufacturer and supplier. From this the company expanded into X-ray security screening of mail.

It was therefore a natural progression for the company to launch Totalpost Security Systems, a division of the business to concentrate on X-ray screening across different markets and of different objects.

Having acquired great experience and knowledge within the X-ray screening market we are now able to provide screening technology for a wide variety of applications.

Mailroom Consumables

Totalpost is one of the most prominent providers of quality ink cartridges in the US postage meter industry. Pitney Bowes, Neopost/Hasler, FP are a few of the meter cartridge manufactures that Everlert produces cartridges for. Virtually all businesses worldwide use a postage meter cartridge on a daily basis to fulfill their mailing needs, creating a large demand for our quality cartridges.

Totalpost’s brand and reputation is expanding into other  business markets such as mailroom equipment, mailroom services, returned mail recycling, X-ray machines, and disaster planning and recovery for the mail recovery functionality for companies. Everlert, Inc. is a Nevada corporation and its corporate operations are located in Monrovia, California and the majority shareholder is David Hymers, the global CEO of Totalpost Services.

X-Ray Security Screening

Totalpost is a leading supplier of the most advanced cabinet X-ray security screening solutions on the market. This range of security cabinets has been designed to enable those with space restrictions to take advantage of the most advanced equipment on the market. These security screeners are ideal for use in mailrooms, corporate buildings, prisons, courtrooms and anywhere where security screening is a requirement.

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