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Secap Franking Machines Discontinuation

From 31st December 2013 Pitney Bowes are discontinuing Secap model franking machines. Franking machines included in the discontinued list are the PPO, DP21(i) and DP41(i) series.

What does this mean if you use one of these machines?

Put simply this means it will become difficult to maintain your current Secap franking machine. If you have a breakdown it may take some time to source parts which could lead to many weeks of franking machine downtime without any guarantee those parts would also work.

What are the options for Secap franking machine users?

Now is a good time to look at your franking machine upgrade options.

Totalpost supply a number of smart meter franking machines which offer many added benefits compared to these older franking machines.

Any of our existing customers that choose to upgrade to a smart franking machine due to

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this discontinuation will be eligible for a discount in excess of 25% from Totalpost.

Smart machines are efficient, easy to use and enable customers to make savings via super accurate weighing and the ability to automatically claim back tax on your franking.

Why upgrade?

– A new machine will improve reliability and we will be able to fix any issues quickly and efficiently with NEW parts.

– The new smart meter machines are easy to use, work on a LAN or analogue connection and enable users to easily claim back VAT leading to additional savings.

See our full range of franking machines here.

We envisage that as the deadline draws nearer demand will increase. The normal lead time from order to installation is 4-6 weeks out of periods of heavy demand. Therefore customers who want to upgrade before the end of the year should do so sooner rather than later.

We’re here to help and would like to come and discuss your options in more detail whether this be assessing usage, looking at the reliability of the machine, or discussing options for upgrade.

To speak to one of our mailroom experts Tel: 07867 358104.